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Submit a Proposal

Who Can Submit A Proposal?

  • Policy VIII.A.1 - This document provides detailed information about who may submit a sponsored programs research proposal, who is authorized to sign research proposals, and who is authorized to accept grant and contract awards on behalf of the University of Virginia.
  • Procedure 8-8 - This document provides information about the exceptional circumstances in which individuals, who might otherwise not be eligible to submit research proposals and serve as Principal Investigators, may apply for permission to serve in such a role.
  • Policy VIII.A.2 - This document enlarges on the preceding policy statement to provide a detailed outline of roles and responsibilities around research and research administration.

Materials and Resources Necessary for Proposal Submission

  • F&A Rates - See "Rates" drop-down menu in upper-left corner of this page.
  • Important Institutional Information - Vital statistical and other data that you might need to complete your grant application, including F&A and Fringe Rates, Addresses, Certifications and Assurances, and the names of authorized institutional officials.
  • Standard Addresses to be Used on Proposals - University Procedure 8-11 provides information about institutional addresses which should be provided on all grant and contract proposals.
  • Sponsor Distribution List - Find out who in OSP handles proposals and awards for each agency and funding entity.
  • Proposal Checklist - Things to think about when you're reviewing your proposal.
  • Data Management Plans - The UVa Library, through its Data Management Consulting service, offers support in understanding funder requirements, drafting and reviewing data management plans, selecting appropriate active data storage, choosing a repository and preparing data for end-of-project archiving, and many other research data related topics.

Agency Specific Guidance