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About OSP

Reporting to the Vice President for Research, the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) facilitates research administration at the University of Virginia on behalf of the research community. The Pre-Award and Contracts team is responsible for collaborating with Principal Investigators and their teams to review and submit proposals for sponsored research. The Pre-Award and Contracts team negotiates, accepts and establishes financial accounts for unilateral and bilateral awards. The Pre-Award and Contracts team is also responsible for accepting contracts (including NFAs and incoming/outgoing subawards) for a wide variety of sponsors per UVA’s policy FIN-036.

Upon award execution, the OSP Post-Award team provides a comprehensive service in financial award management, compliance, and audit. The team is responsible for submitting invoices and reports to sponsors, reviewing and approval of cost transfers related to sponsored programs and ensuring compliance with effort certification, cost sharing, program income and other special award requirements. The Post-Award team also oversees cash management functions such as letter of credit draws, depositing and receipting payments, following up on outstanding receivables, bank reconciliations, GL & GA reconciliations, etc. All financial audits related to Sponsored Projects, including the Single Audit by Virginia Department of Auditors, are coordinated by the Post-Award team.

Departmental research administration provides administrative support to the PI’s. They are responsible for setting up labor schedules, entering purchase requisitions and other reimbursement requests, and work with central offices such as Student Financial Services, Fixed Assets, Procurement and OSP. They are also responsible for monthly reconciliations of sponsored projects through the recon@ system and process cost corrections when necessary.

If assistance is needed regarding a sponsored project, please contact your OSP organization representative. Also, see additional contact information below:

Email this address . . . For assistance with . . . Any kind of post award questions such as:
  • Invoicing or reporting questions
  • Account setup issues
  • Help with a residual balance
  • Deficits/Over-runs
  • Submitting electronic notices of award from sponsor
  • Requesting an action from OSP, for example need a copy of an NOA
  • Submitting Federal Costing Exception Request forms Submitting Retro Cost Transfer Requests (LD and OTPS) Questions about a subcontract UVA made to another entity
  • Payment notifications from sponsors
  • Requesting letter of credit draws from OSP
  • Identifying payments to sponsored awards
  • Distribution of imputed interest to sponsored awards
  • W9 request Questions about OTPS cost transfers and LD adjustments Questions about EFFORT@UVa system and Effort Reporting Questions about Export Controls Questions about ResearchUVa portal General questions for OSP