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The OSP Contracts team handles the negotiation of funded agreements (CTAs, RFAs, etc.) and non-funded agreements (MTAs, CDAs, etc.). With both funded and non-funded agreements, once you initiate the process, your request is tracked through ResearchUVA. Additionally, documentation related to your request, including the fully-executed agreement, may be accessed through ResearchUVA.

The Contracts team focuses on matters that are more complex in nature, require extensive negotiations or can benefit from analysis by someone who understands the legal framework. The team comes from a wide variety of backgrounds and includes a number of former lawyers and a former DoD contracting officer.

How is OSP Contracts different from the Office of General Counsel (aka Office of the University Counsel)?

The Office of General Counsel (also called the Office of the University Counsel) represents the University in all legal and regulatory matters and provides advice and counsel to the Board of Visitors, the President, executive officers and other administrators, faculty, and staff in their official capacities. The OSP Contracts team (1) does not represent the University in legal and regulatory matters and (2) does not provide legal advice to the University or individuals in their official capacities or otherwise.

How is OSP Contracts different from the Patent Foundation dba the UVA Licensing & Ventures Group (LVG)?

LVG is the legal entity that licenses intellectual property (IP) developed at and owned by UVA to outside parties. LVG does not execute research contracts. However, LVG and the OSP Contracts team consult on IP terms contained in research contracts in certain situations.


FUNDED Agreement Examples:

  • Funded Task Order or equivalent under a Master Agreement
  • Industry & Foundation Clinical Trial Agreements
  • Industry Research Funding Agreements
  • Foreign Contracts
  • Federal Contracts requiring significant negotiation or of greater complexity
  • State Contracts requiring significant negotiation or of greater complexity
  • All incoming subawards/subcontracts included in any of the above categories

If you need assistance with a funded agreement negotiation, please complete an ePRF.


NON-FUNDED Agreement Examples:

  • Master Agreements
  • Academic Program Agreement
  • Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) - Incoming, Outgoing
  • Collaboration Agreement
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)/Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA)
  • Data Use Agreement (DUA) - Incoming, Outgoing
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  • Data Security Plan Agreement
  • License Agreement
  • Teaming Agreement (TA)
  • Loan Agreement
  • Other (Expanded Access Use Agreement, Data Security Plan Agreement, etc.)

If you need assistance with a non-funded agreement negotiation, please complete a Non-Funded Agreement Request Form and route that through your school research administration team.