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Grants and Contracts: Responsibility of Office of Sponsored Programs

Policy: VIII.A.2

Issued: December 15, 1986

Owner: Office of Sponsored Programs

Latest Revision: March 6, 2000




This policy is currently under revision at the University. Although the statements herein reflect enforced policy guidance, please contact the "Owner" listed above if you have questions about how this policy applies to your office. The statements herein are to be used as general guidance until the policy has been revised and added to the University Policy Directory. Thank you.

1.0 Purpose

This policy describes the general responsibilities of the Office of Sponsored Programs.

2.0 Policy [Top]

The Office of Sponsored Programs is the University central administrative office responsible for communicating sponsor requirements to the University community and establishing the controls necessary to assure the requirements are met.

Except for proposals processed in the School of Medicine, The Office of Sponsored Programs is responsible for the Solicitation of Grants and Contracts.  The Assistant Vice President for Finance has delegated authority for the solicitation of grants and contracts for the School of Medicine to the Director of Grants and Contracts in the School of Medicine.

The Office of Sponsored Programs is responsible for the financial control of awards received.

In performing its charge, OSP is involved in the following activities:

Provide consultative services to faculty and research administrators in the preparation of proposal packages.

Review all proposals to assure that:

  • Proper approvals have been obtained.  See also Policy VIII.A.1, "Clearance for Solicitation of Grants and Contracts."
  • Any commitments included are consistent with University policy.
  • The budget has been prepared in conformity with sponsor requirements and University policy.  See also Procedure 8-14,"Budgeting Direct Cost of Sponsored Programs.
  • Sign or approve Sponsor Program documents for The Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia.

Contract Management

  • Review and approve change requests to existing grants and contracts.  See also Policy VIII.A.5, "Grant and Contract Changes."
  • Function as liaison between the University and sponsors in grant/contract negotiations.
  • Establish appropriate University accounts by the issuance of Notices of Award for grants and contracts received.
  • Establish preliminary accounts (guaranteed by the originating department) in order to avoid (1) interrupting the continuity of sponsored programs or (2) delaying the start of projects where funding has been assured by a sponsor but official award documents have not been received.  See also Procedure 8-13,"Preparation of Preliminary Account Requests."

Accounting and Control

  • Coordinate all accounting and fiscal matters relating to grants and contracts among University administrative offices, research administrators, principal investigators, and sponsoring agencies.
  • Review vouchers, and equipment requisitions for compliance with  sponsor requirements and University policies and procedures.
  • Prepare and submit all required expenditure reports and billings to sponsors.
  • Maintain proper accounting and control of all cash receipts from grant and contract billings.
  • Assist with State and Federal audits of grant and contract activities.

Statistical Reports and Electronic Research Administration

  • Provide statistical data on sponsored program activities to the research community.
  • Lead and coordinate the University’s efforts in the field of electronic research administration.


  • Lead and foster a university wide research administration training program.

3.0 Definitions [Top]

4.0 References [Top]

5.0 Approvals and Revisions [Top]

       Previous version in effect from 12/15/86 to 3/6/00 available in policy archive.