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Preparation of Proposal Approval Summary Using ePRF

Procedure: 8-9

Effective: July 1, 2001

Owner: Office of Sponsored Programs

Latest Revision: August 28, 2018

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This procedure covers forms used by principal investigators/program directors to provide summary information and approval action in processing proposals through the University to the sponsor.

System References

ePRF (electronic Proposal Routing Form) in ResearchUVA


Grants and Contracts: Definition, Solicitation, Clearance and Acceptance -- Policy VIII.A.1


Principal Investigators/Program Directors are responsible for ensuring completion of the ePRFs prior to forwarding the proposal for processing.

The Research Administrator is responsible for obtaining appropriate clearances from the offices outlined below.


Principal Investigator/Program Director

Research Administrator


The Assistant Vice President for Research Administration is responsible for ensuring that this procedure is necessary, reflects actual practice, and supports University policy.

Procedure Steps

This activity is performed as part of the proposal preparation process, and the form is used as a cover sheet with the proposal and forwarded to the research administrator for processing.


  1. The ePRFs should be completed in their entirety prior to forwarding the proposal for processing. 
  2. The research administrator will ensure appropriate clearances have been obtained from the responsible central or departmental offices before submitting any proposals. Early contact and submission of all supporting information to the appropriate office will speed program approvals.
  3. Completed ePRFs will be used as summary cover sheets for the proposal and used for tracking proposal status. 

End of Activity